Overcoming Adversity with Holistic Therapy and Martial Arts

Featuring Kerry Tidman: Deafness, Cochlear Implants, and Mental Health Advocacy

In this inspiring episode of The Black Country Blokes, Lee and Kev sit down with the remarkable Kerry Tidman. Kerry shares her incredible journey as a deaf individual who underwent cochlear implant surgery in December 2022. As a holistic therapist, she combines martial arts therapy, psychotherapy, coaching, cognitive behaviour therapy, crystals, and mindfulness to offer early intervention for mental health.

Kerry is also a mentor for cochlear implant candidates and runs a family martial arts school, Martial Arts Success Schools, with her husband. In 2022, she launched The Martial Arts Mental Health and Wellbeing Company, which focuses on holistic therapy and mental health services. Kerry’s story as a domestic violence and childhood trauma survivor, foster care experience, and her passion for young people’s mental health advocacy will leave you inspired. Plus, learn about her new podcast, Deafinitley HER, where she discusses life with cochlear implants, being deaf, and mental health.

Join us for an episode filled with resilience, hope, and the power of holistic healing.

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