From Rockstars to Real Talk: Giant and the Georges on Mental Health with The Black Country Blokes

Award-winning band opens up about struggles, recovery, and music as therapy. This is raw, emotional, and inspiring.

Prepare for a powerful conversation when The Black Country Blokes welcome Giant and the Georges! Ben, Sam George, Luke Best, and Kristian Hohn, the critically acclaimed indie-rock band from the Black Country, join Lee and Kev for a candid discussion about mental health.

Beyond their chart-topping success and catchy tunes, these musicians delve into their personal journeys, sharing openly about Ben’s battle with bipolar disorder and how music became his lifeline. This episode is packed with raw honesty, inspiring insights, and practical tips for managing mental health challenges. Get ready to laugh, learn, and be moved by these talented rockers’ genuine stories.

Don’t miss:

Ben’s powerful quote about his mental health journey.
How Giant and the Georges use music as therapy.
Practical tips for navigating mental health challenges.
Inspiring stories of resilience and hope.

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