Empowering Lives: Discover U Charity’s Impact on Adults with Learning Difficulties

A Heartfelt Conversation with Jen Bradley on The Black Country Blokes Podcast

Join us for a deeply moving episode of The Black Country Blokes podcast as we welcome Jen Bradley from Discover U, a remarkable registered charity nestled in Wollaston and Stourbridge town centre. Discover U is on a mission to transform the lives of adults (16+) with learning difficulties who have encountered daunting employment barriers.

In this conversation, Jen sheds light on Discover U’s inspiring work, centered on providing invaluable work-related experiences to adults with additional needs and those facing similar challenges due to physical disabilities. Their day opportunities encompass diverse areas, including empowering workshops, a welcoming retail store, a cozy tea room, and an advanced I.T. and Media suite.

Discover U’s vision is to build a compassionate and inclusive society where adults with learning difficulties can lead lives filled with dignity, independence, and meaningful connections. Their commitment to tailored programs and support services nurtures individual strengths, fosters personal growth, and enhances overall well-being.

Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, Discover U strives to dismantle barriers and promote understanding, ultimately working towards a world where every individual’s potential is recognized and celebrated, leaving no one behind.

Join us in this episode to discover how Discover U is making a difference and empowering those often overlooked in our society.

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