Unlocking Mental Fitness with Moon Li

Join us for an enlightening episode of The Black Country Blokes as we welcome Moon Li, an accredited Mental Fitness coach and facilitator, to the podcast. With an impressive background working with leadership teams from renowned companies like John Lewis and Partners, Revantage Global, and Siemens, Moon specializes in enhancing Mental Fitness for improved performance and a greater impact.

In this episode, we delve into Moon’s expertise in coaching high-achieving professionals, helping them overcome imposter syndrome, and fostering a meaningful and balanced lifestyle. We explore the challenges faced by high-performers and discover effective strategies to unlock their full potential.

Moon’s journey from China to the UK in 2018 brings a unique perspective to her work. As an active volunteer coach for the national UK charity Shaw Trust, she is dedicated to assisting individuals in returning to the workforce. Beyond her professional endeavors, Moon finds joy in exploring world cuisines, cooking, embracing nature, indulging in music, and immersing herself in the captivating world of true crime documentaries.

Join us for an engaging conversation as we tap into Moon’s wealth of knowledge and experience, unravel the secrets of Mental Fitness, and discover how to navigate the challenges of imposter syndrome while cultivating a fulfilling life.

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