Empowering Children and Youth with Luke from Wild ‘n’ Well

Join us for another exciting episode of The Black Country Blokes as we sit down with Luke from Wild ‘n’ Well. Luke, a fully trained Professional Youth Worker, Qualified Counsellor, and Forest School Leader with a Masters in Child Welfare and Wellbeing, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to support children and young people.

Through Wild N’ Well Outdoors, Luke combines his diverse skill set to inspire and empower children and youth to reach their full potential in ways that resonate with them. With a deep passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals, Luke understands the importance of positive experiences and personal growth.

In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of nature, counselling, and youth work in enhancing the lives of young people. Luke shares his personal journey, having experienced struggles firsthand, and highlights the significance of creating meaningful connections and providing opportunities for positive development.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation as we explore the remarkable work of Wild ‘n’ Well and the profound impact it has on the lives of children and youth.

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