“Never Give Up; Quit Your Crying”

From across the pond, we are joined tonight by James Henderson. Here is a sneak peek into James and his never give up attitude:

My name is James Henderson, 36 years old, born with spina bifida; it’s a chronic, lifelong, physical disability. While I may have a visible disability; it does not define my

Life. My lifestyle goes above and beyond my life’s story. It is not about my limits, the obstacles I have to deal with, or the challenges I face. When I want to accomplish

something, I turn, “How can I do this?” into “I can do this!”

Sure, I may not be able to do certain things, but that does not stop me from trying. There is no quit in me. My motto: “Never give up; quit your crying; live by my motto;

keep on trying.” You try and do your best because you may surprise yourself. Things may turn out better than you’ve imagined. If it didn’t happen, then you move on to

something else. We weren’t born into this world to do everything, but we were born into this world to do at least one thing.

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