How to stop male suicide with Mental Health First #31

Every day, 18 people commit suicide & sadly 12 of these are men.

Mental health is a non for profit organisation that is committed to increasing the mental health awareness within our community.


Mental health first training was set up as a company that provides accessible and affordable training to everyone not just companies that have big training budgets.

The company consists of two main trainers that have been delivering Mental health training within the construction industry with great feedback and success for some time now.

Mental health within the construction industry has long been a issue that has been embroiled in stigma and discrimination “man up“ has frequently been the answer to anyone with the courage to ask for help in relation to mental distress leading to many taking their own lives.

Two people within the construction industry take their own lives on a daily basis, usually males, that’s someone’s father, brother, son, uncle that could have been helped with some basic knowledge on how to approach and assist in finding the right support.

We decided that we wanted to take this training out to all aspects of business and the community, so we set up Mental Health First which offers MHFA England approved and accredited courses.

MHFA England accredited courses are the only mental health first aid courses that are approved by the Royal Society of Public Health.

From delivering the adult courses we found that much of the mental illness that people endure on a daily basis start before the age of 18, so we decided to include the youth courses within our training service. 

As you will see from our feedback we are down to earth in our training methodology with personal experience of mental health issues, we bring both our experience and message of recovery into our training.

The trainers wont just deliver a taught out the book lesson plan, we bring ourselves into the learning in an appropriate enthusiastic manner.

So who is Mental Health First Training, we are a couple of guys that have worked within a hard industry that stigmatised mental illness, we have come through the other side with a message of recovery and a thirst to help people understand how to help someone with mental health issues and maybe that person that has the right knowledge and understanding to help.

They are also offering mental health first aid too:


  • To preserve life where a person may be at risk to themselves or others
  • Provide help to prevent the mental health issue from becoming more serious
  • Promote recovery of good mental health
  • Provide comfort to a person with a mental health issue

Important time stamps:

[04:22] Male suicide stats show 12 in 18 a day.

[05:12] Talking about depression

[12:15] Depression is an illness

[19:30] Mental health first aid courses are saving peoples lives

[26:45] Language around depression & Commit suicide

[32:50] Anger expression

[44:05] Work that needs to be done for mental health awareness

[49:45] Why do we commit suicide?

[55:40] Kids attachment disorders

[01:00:01] Kids from the care system

[01:01:40] Diagnoses of mental illnesses

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Who are we?

The Black Country Blokes consists of 4 regular guys, speaking about all issues related to being a man in today’s society.

It is not just designed to focus on the mental health and well-being of men though, as it will also give our mothers, sisters, daughters and female peers an opportunity to understand us better too. We are dedicated to keeping this 100% authentic and raw. We are not polished, perfect individuals and our views remain our own, but what we do want to do is, is remove the stigma and speak about the taboo subjects openly and honestly.

Furthermore, want to empower people to be happy and fulfilled and to overcome their own thoughts that could limit their potential in life.

The group consists of the following guys:

Kev Dillon a head coach at the Lions Amateur Boxing club. Someone who has been boxing since the age of 3, but sadly lost his eyesight at a very young age leaving him with only 7% vision in his right eye. This is known as 3/60 vision. He has been a poster child for adversity, dealing with anxiety and depression for a lot of his life. However, he has never folded or let his circumstances stop him pursuing his goals. He is now a proud father, husband and respected coach helping 100s of boys, girls, men and women of all ages. Furthermore, Kev’s vision of the BCB podcast was to have a show exposing all the struggles and the victories that men go through, to let those listening know that they are not alone. Check his YouTube channel:

Aren Deu is a proud husband who hosts the sister podcast Find Your Voice which is an empowering self-help podcast, providing listeners with the tools to overcome their current, or past, circumstances and take control of their lives. This initially came about due to Aren struggling for over 20+ years with anxiety, causing him to miss opportunities, experiences and just suffer in silence. A similar vision to Kev and the other 2 hosts, Aren’s focus is on making people find their own happiness and fulfilment in the midst of a fast paced, social media driven society. An ex-social worker, project manager, personal trainer and now successful property investor Aren’s passions find in inspiring people to overcome their adversities and recognise that the only limits we hold are in our mind.

Lee Cadman is a father to Lilly-May, Alfie and Calla-Rose. Calla-Rose has a life limiting disability and since her diagnosis Lee’s life has never been the same. He is a proud husband and considers himself your everyday working man with the hopes of improving the lives of his own family and others. Sadly depression and anxiety has taken its toll on Lee, on many occasions, but he has found true power and resolve in talking. Talking has become Lee’s medicine, and he always states that we should remember in our darkest moments you are not being buried you are being planted.

Craig Pinches is a writer, producer, performer and label owner. His background is rap, but if you explore the projects he’s been involved with and you quickly realise you can’t do justice to his versatility by simply calling him a rapper. He has a passion for music and expression through the written and spoken word that projects through his performances. His music is not only a passion but a vehicle that enables him to help people in need though either positive lyrics or by broadcasting areas of concern within humanity. Check his work at:

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